About Us

National IT Ltd is always been a visionary company. Our dream is to stablish an exceptional kind of IT outsourcing company that will help other companies to refocus their resources to run business and engaging their clients. NATIONAL IT SOLUTION LTD is a Bangladesh based technology focused company operating the business since 2009. Current focus of the company is on web solution and Outsourcing.

We believe that outsourcing should solve many business challenges and make business easy flexible and painless. The benefits of our sourcing are endless. We take the challenge to deliver this technology to your doorstep.

NATIONAL IT Outsourcing Company stablished 12 years ago. It has helped some of the most reputed world famous companies to solve their difficult technology challenges. We help all kind of companies like small, large, international, local, Govt, non-Govt, service oriented, educational etc. to reduce their operational expenses as well as risk factor and gain a competitive advantage. Our business is to relief other organization from the pain of IT support problems.